Gearing up for all the fish!

Gearing up for all the fish!

What can make float fishing any better than it already is? How about a drift boat that tracks, ferries, has a hard floor, yet it’s inflatable and can bounce off rocks just like a raft. That’s exactly what you get with NRS’s Freestone Drifter.

Essentially a smaller version of the NRS Clearwater Drifter (which claimed the “Best in Show” title at the 2012 International Fly Tackle Dealer trade expo), the 14’ Freestone can be disassembled, making it easy to transport. You can even ship it if you’re flying to your next fishing hole.

Another quality that float fishers like — the sound of silence. Because the Freestone is an inflatable, made out of drop stitch PVC, it doesn’t make noise. And by inflating the boat to 9 (pounds per square inch) psi and the floor to 15 psi, you’ll have a solid, stable surface on which to walk. You also can mount a motor to the transom in the stern.

Additionally, the Freestone’s drainage system appeals to fishing guides and enthusiasts alike since it has two drain spots (one in the center and one towards the stern) and the drain holes have screwcaps, so the boat can go drain or no drain rather than having the drain ports open all the time.

In a review of the Freestone by John Arnold, owner of Headhunters Fly Shop in Montana, he writes:

“Everyone from Headhunters who had a chance to try it out loved it. It really is as advertised. Rows like a drift boat, but is super light, responsive and bouncy like a raft.”


In early April, RAFTING FRAMES will begin selling the Freestone Drifter, which retails for $5,495.  Call us at (719) 539-9323 for questions or to place an order.