Now we're talking — the perfect shade aid

Now we’re talking — the perfect shade aid

Earlier in 2014, Riverboat Works became the proud new owner of River Sombrero, the Durango-based company that makes river raft biminis. We are now selling and distributing these shade aids.

Riverboat Works owner Ron Ferris says, “We are excited to be the new owner of River Sombrero and to add another really great product to our product line as well as provide another service to our customers.”

You're going to want this in the blazing sun.

You’re going to want this in the blazing sun.

The three Sombrero models include a version with a reinforced aluminum frame and nylon fittings, an aluminum frame with stainless steel fittings and a stainless steel frame with stainless steel fittings. With UV resistant nylon canvas stretching across the frames, River Sombreros provide shade and offer protection from rain for boaters and passengers on whitewater rafts and catarafts.

Katie Arnold a writer with Outside Magazine rafted the San Juan with her family and reviewed various shade products. Here’s what she said about the River Sombrero:

“Basically a power-boat bimini kitted out for whitewater rafts, the Sombrero was a game changer for us: super-rugged construction that easily withstood gusty winds and generous dimensions — ours was six feet long and five feet wide — that shaded practically the entire boat so we didn’t have to cower together to stay cool. Never has rafting with two tiny children felt so luxurious and civilized.”

Riverboat Works currently assembles, sells, and oversees distribution and sales of the River Sombreros, which you can order now. We also have inventory and display models that can be purchased and picked up at the store.