You know you're a boater when there's no place else you'd rather be than a river.

You know you’re a boater when there’s no place else you’d rather be than a river.


• January isn’t time for making resolutions but for filling out river permit applications.

Setting shuttle = road trip

Setting shuttle = road trip

• All your towels smell like the river no matter how many times you’ve washed them.

• A road trip means setting shuttle.

• Some of your favorite places begin with “Satan’s”  (e.g. Satan’s Toilet Bowl, Satan’s Suckhole, Satan’s Gut etc.)

• The “fabric of you life” is neoprene or nylon.

• You have Cam Straps in all glove compartments, backpacks and assorted spots in your garage.

• You’d rather sleep on your Paco Pad.

Scrape, suds, rinse, bleach REPEAT....

Scrape, suds, rinse, bleach REPEAT….

• You check the snow report not just for snowfall but also for future river flows.

• You have z-like tan lines from your Chaco straps.

• You really do pack the kitchen “sink.”

• Your idea of acronyms aren’t LOL, WTF & OMG but rather CFS, PFD & FIBArk.

• You keep your raft in the garage or driveway and your car parked on the side of street.

• There’s nowhere else you’d rather be than on the river.

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