FISHING frames

Completely Custom

While we specialize in building frames that are custom-fit to your boat and your needs, we recognize that many customers prefer a prebuilt solution that caters to the most common needs.    We offer four pre-built packages, ranging from a simple starter to a fully tricked out.  You can choose a raft frame that easily converts to a whitewater raft frame, or a specialized fishing frame that will fit two or three anglers.

Each frame can be paired with a raft of your choice: we offer Hyside, AIRE, NRS, and Rocky Mountain Rafts.

Additionally, each of these custom raft fishing packages comes with the necessary accessories.  See each package for details.

Trout Slayer

This is the premier fishing frame, with diamond-plated double-rail frame, our innovative thigh braces and stripping basket.  Click here for details.


This versatile 2-person fishing frame was designed to be lightweight and nimble to navigate shallow rocky waters.  Click here for details.


For fishing and whitewater versatility, the Caddis is a deluxe fishing frame with fantastic amenities added to a single rail, three bay whitewater frame.   Click here for details.  Click here for details.


Named for the insect that molts up to 25 times before its final metamorphosis.  This scaled-down 3-man rig is a great starter fishing frame.  It can change and grow just like its namesake, as other components may be retrofitted onto it in the future.  It can also be easily converted to a whitewater frame.  Click here for details.

We design and hand build our own frames because we’re river nuts, who put our own products to the test on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.  All of our frames are built with top quality, lightweight, super durable 1 ½” schedule 40 anodized aluminum pipe, right here in Salida, Colorado, USA.  Built by boaters for boaters.