Where: Chaffee County Fairgrounds, 10165 County Road 120, Salida, CO

When: This event has been postponed. With the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are not certain when to reschedule it for. Please revisit the website for updates.

Come meet the Women’s National Rafting Teams. Money raised by this event will support these teams competing in the World Championships in China!

More info to come about raffle prizes and raft industry reps.


  • Rafts and accessories can be dropped off on the days and times of the event or the Friday before the event 3pm-6pm. Drop off only on Friday, no sales. Have your gear available for sale to the most people by taking advantage of Friday’s drop off.
  • Prior reservation would be appreciated but not mandatory. If possible, please call or text 719-207-0010 to confirm the items you will be bringing to sell.
  • We will advertise items at your asking price with an option to sell at your lowest price (typically on Sunday).
  • If your item sells, you can choose to receive Riverboat Works store credit minus 10% commission or 80% of the selling price. Allow RBW 2 weeks to cut checks and receive your payment. The commission will go to the Women’s National Rafting Teams.
  • All items not sold MUST be picked up by 3pm on Sunday or they will be donated. Sorry, we have no room to store remaining items.
  • Camping available on site. For ifo, contact mhodge@chaffeecounty.org
  • For questions, please call RBW Clint Barrow at 719-207-0010.
  • Due to security and space we can only accept boats not frames. We can connect buyers to sellers if interested in other items.