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Hyside Rafts, RMR (Rocky Mountain Rafts), Aire Rafts, NRS Rafts, Maravia. Your best bet for day and multiday trips – enjoying the river with friends and family. Store gear, dogs, and kids with ease. Frames make rafts even more stable and steerable, so guests can laze about on deck.


Nimble and quick maneuverability make cataracts awesome for whitewater.  Hyside Nimbus, Aire Wave Destroyer, Aire Lion, Aire Sabertooth, RMR PhatCat, Hyside Battlecat


Great for solo or two person crew adventuring, our inflatable kayaks get you up close to the action. Think fast, mobile and fun. Inflatable kayaks also make storage and transport a snap. Aire Kayaks, Tributary Kayaks, NRS Kayaks, Hyside Kayaks

Package Deals

We specialize in putting together packages customized to you and your next adventure. With rafts (Hyside, NRS, Aire, RMR), frames and accessories galore included. Every package includes one of our custom, hand-built frames, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Whatever kind of a fishing frame, we can build it!  We offer four standard packages:

The STONEFLY is a great starter frame, a 3-person fishing rig that can be easily converted into a whitewater frame.

The BLUE WING OLIVE is a lightweight 2-person frame that is very nimble — perfect for navigating shallow rocky waters.

The CADDIS frame is a deluxe single-rail whitewater frame with front and rear swivel seats.

And if you want it all, then TROUT SLAYER is your answer — it is the ultimate 3-person fishing rig with every amenity under the sun.  It’ll be the envy of every float fisher on the river!

Each frame can be customized to fit YOUR raft, or can be purchased as a package with a raft.

made for the shade

River Sombreros

Say goodbye to sunburns and flimsy raft umbrellas, and make your raft the coolest destination on the river! River Sombreros keep you cool in the sun, dry in the rain, and laughing at the wind. Sombreros are easy to mount to raft frames or to decking.

Customer Reviews

I ordered my Hyside Mini Max w/ custom Riverboat Works fishing frame last Tuesday and picked up my boat on Friday. I wanted a 2-man fishing boat that could navigate through skinny water and that’s exactly what I got, plus some.

Although I have only had my boat out once so far, on the Upper C, I can already tell that some great thought and attention to detail went into constructing this frame. The practical, lightweight and functional design make this boat really easy to use and handle. My favorite part is the forward lean bar. Not only is it positioned at the perfect height to lean on for fishing, it also give the passenger something to hold onto in those big rapids and also doubles as a vertical rod holder.



One of the best reasons is it will save you on broken rods, the unique rounded handles on the stand up fishing station/stripping basket are great places to place your rod VERTICAL while you release fish, tie knots, run rapids, it keeps the rod tip in a safe place, just pick the side away from the bank if you are pulling over.They also have made great places to grab when your oarsman hits something he’s not supposed to…just sayin.
Spade Hackle


My lastest boat that Riverboat Works built for me is a 2-man cataraft with a complete fly fishing frame. With Jacks Plastic tubes this boat works great in the skinny water but is big enough to handle class3-4 rapids with no problem. It is designed with all the good stuff on it including rod holders, tractor seat, stripping basket, yeti cooler,dry boxes, and an anchor system that’s out of the way and works great.
Matt Brown

Swissvale, CO