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About Us

Riverboat Works specializes in building custom fishing, day, and expedition raft frames. All made right here in sunny Salida, Colorado. We love putting together the perfect rafting package – uniquely customized for your next adventure. We have many brands of rafts, catarafts and inflatable kayaks choose from, with something for every budget. Jump right in; the water’s fine.
Out and about


Riverboat Works sponsors, attends and participates in all sorts of river events, because like you, we like to get out there and have fun. Come visit us at one of our annual shindigs.


Riverboat Works is a proud sponsor of our hometown raft-a-ganza. All the whitewater you can eat. We’ll see you there June 14-17!
Make it last

Tips & Care

Treat your gear right.
Do not run over frames with your truck.
Do not try to microwave them.
Do not use flamethrowers on them for more than the allotted time.

Treat your raft right.
Do not purposely run inflatables into or drag them over sharp objects like knives or people with knives for hands, chainsaws or people with chainsaws for hands, broken glass or. Ok, you get the idea.
Avoid river sharks.
Do not store your raft in direct sunlight, rain and hail for months on end.
Do not clean your raft with acetone or a wire brush; just use soap and water.

Boat Mates
Treat your friends right.
Cuz that’s cool.