Top 10 reasons to buy a Riverboat Works frame

#10. Custom designed and built to fit the size of rivers you run: big, medium, small or all of the above.


#9. Custom designed and built for fishing, whitewater, day trips, multi-day trips or all of the above. Check out our fishing/whitewater convertibles.


#8. Custom built to fit your boat exactly, not in 6” increments.


#7. Built to fit the oarsman and adjustable to fit all other users. We always ask how tall you and your first mate are.


#6. Built to last — life time warranty not to fail under normal river use (backing over with truck not covered).


#5. Built with top quality, lightweight, super durable 1 ½” schedule 40 anodized aluminum pipe. Built in Salida, Colorado, USA, by boaters for boaters.


#4. Great specials on package deals when buying boat, frame and accessories together.


#3. One day service on adjustments and retrofits done by appointment while you wait (go fishing or play in Salida).


#2. Increased production facilities: now building up to 3 frames at a time with most orders finished within one week.


#1. Customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed.


Unique Riverboat Works Innovations

#1.  No snag hip loops on lean bars. Rounded design prevents snagging fly line and is more comfortable than straight “horns”. Loops provide secure hand holds while seated and a safe place to store flyrods.


#2.  Proprietary low friction anchor system. Reduced angles allow the anchor rope to move smoothly with less effort and less wear on the pipe. The design allows the rear seat angle to be adjusted precisely.


#3.  Our double and triple rod holders use custom made brackets, and uv resistant PVC tubes and caps to safely store fully rigged flyrods.


#4.  Our precise custom frame design incorporates the exact dimensions of your boat and the crew.  When you pick up your boat and frame, the staff at Riverboat Works makes sure everything fits and works together seamlessly for the best possible performance.


Low friction anchor system.

Low friction anchor system.

Perfect for storing your flyrod.

Perfect for storing your flyrod.