Standard Rescue Throw Bag


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The NRS Standard Whitewater River Rescue Throw Bag will give you added security, knowing that, if you have to use it, this rescue bag will stay on top of the water with internal flotation and a floating rescue rope. The Standard Throw Bag also is made of visible and strong Cordura(tm) and has a polyethylene sheathed grab loop for easy and secure grasping. Product features

Rope Length: 75′

Rope Size: 3/8″ polypropylene

Load Max: 1900 lbs.

Quick-release 1″ straps that quickly secure to D-rings, boat frames and canoe thwarts

2″ mesh panel for better drainage and reduced dry time

Barrell-lock drawstring incorporated in a flared nylon top

Easy reloading and closure

Rope knots reduce tensile strength. For this reason, we make no claims regarding a rescue bag’s strength. Maximum load indicated is for the rope alone